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is Our Community Site that offers many of the mobile tools that you know and love.  There you can find the Surveys, Contests, Digital Business Cards and More; to add to your Mobile Marketing Strategy.  You’ll also be able to access the Social Mobile Marketing Pros Course designed to prepare you for a Stellar Marketing Career helping others Optimize their Social Media Accounts using Mobile Tools…  Access m-PowerU





MMIS is our Mobile Marketing Agency.  Here is where we provide you with a SIMPLE 5 Step Formula that will help you Grow Your Business or Ministry, Exponentially; Generate More Revenue, Convert More Leads into  Sales (if you have a product to sell), Get More Exposure on Social Media and Brand Yourself as the Authority in Your Niche…. PLUS, Much, Much More…

If You Want to Generate More Leads into Your Business, You’ve Come to the Right Place.  Click on the Tab on the left of the Screen and Complete for a FREE 1/2 Hour Strategy Session.  We Will Help You Create a Mobile Strategy that Will Help You Obtain the Results You Want….


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The Marketing Solutions Portal (THE PORTAL) is not just a website.  The Portal is more like a destination where you can get access to everything you need to build and create a successful business.  The Portal is more than a ‘Drag-n-Drop’ page builder.  Yet, in The Portal, you can build landing pages, squeeze pages, websites and blog.  You also have an opportunity to build funnels.  You can build multi-page funnels complete with upsells and down-sells.  It doesn’t matter that you might be a ‘NEWBIE’.  WHY?  Because instructions and videos are available to give you assistance in building the more difficult pages.  

The Portal doesn’t stop there:  You get an opportunity to access your very own email platform.  So, you can build big massive lists to help your business be very successful.  Plus, in The Portal there are TOOLS!…  Lots and Lots of tools to help you become Very, Very Successful… There are Lead Generation Tools so that you can connect with people in your niche; you can build Facebook Messenger Chatbots, Mobile Apps, Videos that Float, animated videos, mock-up images and so much more.  In addition, you can create membership sites and even use modules for training your members.  

You also get an option to determine what other ancillary tools you would like to have added to your account.  These include contest creators, bulk SMS text message platform, survey creator, and so much more. SEO tools are included and you can link to any outside site, seamlessly. You don’t even have to have a domain if you don’t want.  However, if you do, that’s an excellent way to build your brand  On top of all of this, you get an opportunity to connect with several pay option platforms so that it is even easy to have an eCom Site.  

Try it out for $1 and build your first page in less than 5 minutes…





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Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?  Want to Build a Business ‘ON THE GO’?  Our Mobile Marketing Income System has a built in Lead Generation System, Social Media Optimizer and Global Branding System that will have your business growing EXPONENTIALLY… This booklet explains Who We Are, What Tools We Use and How We Can Make the Claims We Make… We Help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Grow their Business Exponentially, Generate More Revenue, Get More Exposure and Build a Brand that is Recognized around the World… Click on the Image to Access this Handbook, then Connect with us on Our Facebook Business Page…. Mobile Marketing Income System..

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This Report Outlines the VERY FIRST THING You Need to Do When You Start Building Your Business  –  Create Your Perfect Audience.  This Is a **MUST READ** For All Entrepreneurs, No Matter What Niche or Industry…. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GAIN ACCESS

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This eBook was written to help you succeed with your network marketing strategies no matter what business you set out to Build.  Regardless of whether you choose an online business, offline business, E Commerce, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Internet Marketing or a “Brick and Mortar” you can use the network marketing strategies written here. If you consider yourself an Entrepreneur or a Solopreneur, this information will help you become successfulgathered the information that I received over the years and used them to get results then, created this book so, that you can get results, too  CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GAIN ACCESS




Feel free to contact us at any time.  If you need a question answered or you have an issue that you need a solution for we are here to help.