Tips to Generate Leads and Drive More Traffic to Your Valuable Content

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Are You Struggling to Generate Leads or Drive Traffic to Your Valuable Content? This is one of the

biggest complaints I hear from marketers and business owners who have blogs.  Blogging maybe the key

factor here.  However, after asking the right questions I’ve found that the problem isn’t generating leads or

driving traffic.  I’ve found that the solution to a traffic or lead generation problem can usually be fixed with

doing a little keyword research. Keyword research is a component of search engine optimization, that is

very important.


What is search engine optimization?  SEO (the acronym for search engine optimization) is the ability to

optimize your content, i.e. video, blog post, article, ad and etc., in a way that it is represented on the front

page of the search engine.  Search engines are sites like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and

even Facebook.


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Keyword research alone is not SEO but it is a main component of search engine optimization.  Without

keyword research, you will never be able to get enough people seeing what you have to offer without a lot

of hard work and paid advertising.  I am not suggesting that you should become a SEO expert.


However,if you are blogging or writing articles and you want others to see them, you are going to have to

know a little about SEO and keyword research in order to get, more people to finding and viewing your

valuable content and the solutions you are providing for your audience.  Now, if you want to become an

expert with SEO, that is a great idea and could really produce some lucrative opportunities for you in the

long run but, for the sake of generating more leads and getting more traffic to your website, that is not



It is safe to say that I’m a “Gadget Girl”, and I’m proud of it.  Recently, I heard a friend of mine say that

and I had to chuckle and smile to myself, because I knew just what she meant.  I am a firm believer that if

you are going to build something, then you are going to need the right tools.  The more tools you have the

easier it will be to get your project completed.  The better your tools are, the more professional your

project will look.  The same holds true for your business.  In this case, your business is your project and to

build it professionally, you will need the right tools.  Don’t skimp on this.  You don’t have to have every tool

but, you do need the right tools.


Now, every tool is not always the right tool for everybody so, make certain that the tools you purchase,

will help you to accomplish your goals. The first tool that you should get is a free tool – Google’s

Keyword Planner.


The Keyword Planner is the tool you’ll need to help you determine the keyword(s) you are going to use, in

order to rank your blog post on Google and attract more people to find and view your content.  After you

have decided what topic you are going to write about, you want to use this planner, to determine what

words you are going to use in your headline.  You are also going to use these words sprinkled throughout

your post and in your tags.


This will strengthen the possibility of ranking on Googles front page. Notice that I am not saying what

“word you are going to use but instead I’m using the plural; what “words” you are going to use.  That is

because, most times, one-word ranking, is hard to do or too expensive to accomplish, on the

search engines.  And since you are not an expert and you already don’t have enough traffic or leads, you

are going to use phrases or “long-tail keywords”.  Long-tail keywords are phrases of 3 or more words.


These phrases usually mean that a person is looking for a specific item or subject so, you want to be as

general as possible.  The longer the phrases the more specific the subject AND the less amount of

people searching for that particular phrase.


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Once you have decided which tool to use to determine your keyword(s), then it is time to come up with a

catchy headline or at least a headline that grabs the attention of your audience. I like to create headlines

that lets my audience know, what is going to be in the body of the post, that will provide a solution to a

problem that they may be having. Writing the post is just that.  It should be at least 300 words and can be

as long as, 1500 words.  Some marketers write posts that are even longer, however, most of time longer

posts, are either “Pillar Content” or “Anchor Content”.


These type of posts, require that you give much more value and require a lot more research. Now that

your post is done, it is time to Promote it so that you can get more people finding and viewing, your post.

Tomorrow, we will dive in further on the most effective ways to promote your content.


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