The Best Mobile Marketing Strategy for 2017

mobile marketing strategy


As we go into the second quarter of 2017, marketers should be focused on implementing a mobile marketing strategy into their marketing efforts.  However, focusing on only creating a large mobile app audience, is not the wise thing to do. The best mobile marketing strategy would be a strategy that focuses on developing a highly engaged and loyal group of followers.  The best way to do this is to implement a mobile marketing strategy that includes the following.

How to Create a Great Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Instead of only creating a mobile app audience, start with a mobile app to build an audience. Attract users via a mobile app.  These would be the most engaged of your followers who are interested in being part of value based environment.  The mobile app could be the entry point to all your content, tools and material that would add perceivable value to the users’ base experience.

The mobile app is the community/environment where the user, not only has access to your most valuable material but, the app could be the place where users feel they can access you.  The app is the point of contact where you serve your audience.  It is this interaction that sets the mobile app, apart from many other communities/environments that have been set up for an interactive experience between “liked minded” people, in the past.

Many marketers have attempted to set up mastermind groups on social media platforms with this premise in mind.  However, due to high spam traffic, their attempt on many levels, have been thwarted.  Causing the group environment to be a ‘turn off’, on most social media platforms.


Plus, the plethora of activities and tools on Facebook has made the platform so congested that a mobile app is truly the best environment for a mobile strategy of highly engaged users.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that groups on any social media network, don’t work.  But, I am saying that a Mobile App will attract, HIGHLY ENGAGED, users.  Remember, the app users make a conscientious decision to download your app onto their phone.  That means that YOU will own real estate on their device.  With 97% of mobile users keeping their phone within arm’s reach, 24/7, that is a major strategic accomplishment.  More importantly, that means your users, are willing participants and expect to engage and interact with you.   So, if you keep activities consistently updated and show up to interact with your audience, your Mobile App community will continue to grow.

At this point you want to implement the next move of your mobile marketing strategy.  Remember, the mobile app should only be the entry point of your mobile marketing strategy, not the entire strategy.

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  • Implementing a one-on-one messaging and/or group messaging abilities into your mobile marketing strategy is another way to create a great audience experience. Keeping your users updated on matters that concern them, their lifestyle, their business and or the group, increases the probability that they will remain active and connected to your brand.  It is up to you, the leader, the BRAND, to optimize this opportunity.  Just remember that the messaging environment is a very intimate and personal environment.  In this space, you DO NOT want to spam your audience, you want to make certain that you provide value.  Strictly, value.

It would be a good idea to make this the space that you provide answers to your users’ questions, resolve conflicts and issues on a personal level. Give your users the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you, in this space. Providing a space in this way allows for relationship building and is a great mobile marketing strategy for creating a good user experience.

Although, you can create a messaging/chatting experience in your app you don’t want this experience to only be in your app because your user is going to want to “come up for air”.  Having a messaging tool would be best for your mobile marketing strategy.

Using Facebook’s Messenger is a good idea.  Or, you can use an independent push notification tool that can connect with your audience on their phone and on their desktop.


If you would like to know of different options that are available, connect with me HERE  and I will share different options with you.


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  • For the best mobile marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond, you need to make certain that your brand is recognizable. You can only do this if your message, your content and your marketing is congruent across all platforms.

A sharp understanding of the differing app features and the audiences that will be using them is key.

  • Video will explode in the mobile environment in 2017, predicts Christina May, CMO and managing partner for Illumine8, a marketing and PR firm. “While video isn’t new, video’s application on mobile is more advanced than anything we have seen to date,” May says. “If you haven’t jumped on the video train yet, I’d suggest you hurry, because the train is about to leave the station. Brands late to the game will be left behind as users form relationships with brands that have a mobile video presence already.” Provide video within a mobile app or just delivering it across mobile platforms is another great mobile marketing strategy for 2017. Not many marketers have the capability to provide videos inside a mobile tool unless they have an app.  Would you like to be able to provide bulk videos inside Messenger at a click of a button for anyone of your followers that wants to connect with you on your business page?

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  • Another big part of your mobile marketing strategy in 2017, is going to be knowing who your customers are beyond knowing what device they use. Relationship marketing is where every marketer is headed or should be headed.  Opening avenues and providing tools that give your audience access to you is also, very important.

If you use Facebook as a marketing strategy, you might have already seen that Facebook has made the possibility of cross-platform posting available to all, whom have a business page.  Of course, it has to be an approved activity from both pages but, it is a possibility nonetheless. This possibility can help your brand to be easily recognized on all platforms.

  • Last, but not least, location marketing can incentivize your mobile audience and increase revenue when you add QR codes that have discounts embedded and coupons for your audience and regular customers. You can easily provide your regular customer with discounts and coupons by delivering them in your app via push notifications that land in your in-box or in app messages. No matter which delivery system you use you can make your mobile marketing strategy even better when you use these incentives as part of a location based system. For instance, when your customer is close to your store you can issue the discount, giving you and your discount or coupon a better chance of being redeemed.

It is time for small business owners and online entrepreneurs to implement a mobile marketing strategy into their marketing efforts.  As a matter of fact, it is time for entrepreneurs to take mobile marketing more seriously.  Mobile as a marketing strategy is not going anywhere.  Like videos, it is best to start putting a mobile marketing strategy in place now, so that you are ahead of the wave.  As mobile marketing becomes more complex and begins to morph into different forms, the marketers who implement a mobile marketing strategy now, will be the ones whose brand will be recognized in the future.

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