Tips to Help You Monetize Your Mobile Videos & Increase Your Subscribers

monetize your mobile videos

Tips to Help You Monetize Your Mobile Videos

Would you like to know some effective tips to help you monetize your mobile videos?  Well, whether you market online or primarily on a mobile device, I am sure you are aware that the best way for your audience to purchase your products or services, is for them to get to know, like and trust you first.


Marketing is all about effectively and efficiently communicating your brand’s benefits at the right time to maximize your results.  Video marketing is the best way to maximize your marketing efforts and develop a relationship with your audience. So, if you are looking for a way to monetize your mobile videos, here are a few tips:

Create Videos for Your Blog Posts

Having a blog where you provide valuable content consistently is great.  It is the best tool to brand you as an authority in the niche that you serve.  However, creating videos for your post or ‘Vlogging’(video blogs) is even better.  It is better for two reasons:  1) Not only will you be building a brand that authorizes you as an expert in your niche but, with the video you maximize your efforts and condense your timeframes; so that your audience will begin to know, like and trust you much faster than if you only provided a blog post with valuable text content.  2) You can share your posts on blogging network sites as well as on video sites; killing two birds with one stone.  You, therefore, double the amount of people who will view your content and become more familiar with your products and services.


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Create a Fabulous Brand

Your Youtube Channel is just like a storefront.  It should tell your viewers what you stand for, what services or products you provide and invite them to come in and take a look around.  That is so very important.  If your channel is incomplete and bland, more times than not, viewers will pass you by and go to the next marketer who has taken the time to spruce up their channel with ‘channel art’ and provided information about who they are and what they market.  Your brand should be consistent with your message so that your viewers know what to expect when they start viewing your videos.  Make certain to tag your videos so that viewers can find you when they go searching for a similar topic or category. That is one way to start laying the ground work to monetize your mobile videos.


 Become a Partner with YouTube

There are many FREE video sites online, where you can upload your videos for viewing.  However, YouTube is the largest and they have a Partner Program that allows you to partner directly with them to split the proceeds made from ads that play before and during your videos.  This also includes the banner ads that show on the side of your videos as well. If you are looking for a way to monetize your mobile videos, there couldn’t be a better way than this.  To get more information on this topic you can search for YouTube’s Partner Program on Google or on YouTube.


Promote Your Channel to Your Own Sponsors

Everyone knows that when you cut out the “middle-man” the deal becomes sweeter for the two parties involved.  This is no different when it comes to monetizing your mobile videos via your Video Channel.  Now, this may not be a way to monetize your own mobile videos that showcase your own products but, it is a way to monetize your mobile videos that showcase the products of entrepreneurs who you find and promote yourself.  It’s also a great way to build up your audience.  Your sponsor’s audience will also be viewing your videos and may continue to come to your channel to view your videos and see what else you have to offer.


Implementing any one of these tips alone, will not bring herds of customers to your YouTube Channel looking to purchase your products.  However, over time, by being consistent and providing valuable content; you will see a steady increase in subscribers, followers and customers.  Eventually, you will see that your efforts to monetize your mobile videos have taken effect. That is all you can ask for, right?

Of all the tips here, I think plugging up the ability for your viewers to see offers and products showcased by YouTube, of your competitors is most important.  By implementing Video Funnels, you  give yourself, better than a fighting chance, to monetize your mobile videos and increase your followers and subscribers every time one is viewed.


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